Firearm Transfer Services in Winterville, NC

Did you know Carolina Caliber Company also helps customers with their firearm transfer needs? We have over 60 years combined experience on staff and we will provide you with the guidance and expertise to you need for nearly any type of firearm transaction.

When Do You Need a Firearm Transfer?

A firearm transfer is the legal process of selling a gun to someone else. So, when might you need a firearm transfer? One example would be if, for whatever reason, you decide you no longer want a firearm and want to sell it to someone else within the state of North Carolina. In this instance, you would need a firearm transfer, and the person purchasing the gun would need to be able to legally own one.

In addition, if you don’t live in North Carolina but would like to purchase a firearm from us, you will need an FFL transfer. In this instance, a licensed person would run a background check on you to ensure you’re not prohibited from purchasing a firearm. This would also include any other paperwork you’d have to fill out.

FFL Transfer Dealer

Whether you’re ready to sell a gun or you’re looking to buy in store or online, the firearm experts at Carolina Caliber Company will help you sort through the firearm transfer process. We charge a transfer fee, but we will have all the background check and state paperwork ready to go for you.

We are happy to facilitate incoming firearm transfers. For inquiries on transfers, please email us at:

Firearm Transfer Fee:

  • $35/Firearm
  • $25/Firearm for Two or More on One Transaction.