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Bore Sights and Scope Mounts for Sale

Although we’re renowned for our impressive collection of firearms for sale, we also sell an assortment of firearm tools, including sight installations, bore sights and scope mounts. Our team of friendly experts are here to help you find the right option for your firearm. These tools will make you a better shooter.

We also provide sight installation services for our customers.

Bore Sights

As much fun as it is to purchase a new firearm, it’s hard to become the accurate shooter you strive to be without having the right bore sight in place. Bore sights align a firearm’s sighting system with the barrel of the gun. Advantageously, a bore sight helps you save on bullets and time, since you can get in optimal shooting position before having to fire a shot to see if you’re on line.

The right bore sight will help you improve on trigger control and will improve the muscle memory needed for accurate shots.

Scope Mounts

Carolina Caliber Company inventories numerous scope mount options, as well as other firearm tools such as scope rings. Regardless of the types of firearms you own, we are confident we will help you determine and find the right scope mount for your needs. We offer scope mounts for all the top firearm brands, and we can even install the scope mount for you if you need.

Our firearm shop in Winterville is open Monday-Saturday. You can also order from our online shop at any time, as we provide quick shipping turnarounds.

To learn more about the bore sights and scope mounts in our inventory, or to discuss our scope installation services, contact us today.